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Dr. Ahmed Howeedy, MD, MRO

Imagine going to your cardiologist’s office and he asks you, “How does your blood pressure feel?” Imagine if based on your response he started you on a medication? Most of us would pause and ask the doctor “shouldn’t we measure my blood pressure first?”

Unfortunately, the field of behavioral medicine has largely been treated in this subjective manner. Patients seeing their doctor for Depression, Anxiety, or Addictions are asked how they “feel.” Based on their subjective feedback the provider may initiate treatment and re-assess them subjectively, and then make treatment decisions. While subjective feedback is of value, it is just not enough. At the Florida House Experience, we asked the question: Isn’t it important to measure the affected organ in the body, ie the Brain?

Being able to measure the brain, to see the areas of dysregulation is critical. At the Florida House, we are now able to look at the brain objectively in this manner to identify areas of dysregulation using Quantitiave EEG Analysis.

Not only are we able to see these changes in the brain, but we are also able to directly treat those areas of dysregulation with advanced therapies such as EEG Guided Neurofeedback, to actually retrain the brain to processes information and emotions in a healthy manner without medications. Many other new technologies, such as Transcranial Stimulation, have also given many patients great hope in treating their Behavioral Health conditions. These novel therapies are just a part of the new frontier in treating not just Behavioral Health Conditions, but other Medical Conditions effecting the brain.

If you or a loved one may be suffering from an Addiction or Mental Health condition, I invite you to speak to one of our providers to see how some of these novel therapies can help you find the treatment and relief you have been searching for.

Dr. Ahmed Howeedy, MD, MRO, Chief Medical Officer, 505 S Federal Hwy #2, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, (866) 236-0845,

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