Prestigious Women Awards Honorees: Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa

Mindy Figueroa is a multifaceted and recognized corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, connector, award-winning and sought-after marketer in Hispanic/Multiculturism Marketing, Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare in Corporate America.

She is the founder and CEO of the multiple award winning Latin2Latin Marketing consulting firm, bringing her unique approach and proven track record as a market growth accelerator and thought provocateur. Mindy has a unique keen understanding of the business needs at hand and is able to anticipate what others cannot see by seizing the future and turning into winning solutions.

Ms. Figueroa’s civic duties is manifested in her unwavering commitment with causes dear to her heart. Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Ms. Figueroa served as an advisor to Gov. Rick Scott for the South Florida relief efforts for Puerto Rico and is the proud founder of the philanthropic grassroots organization, Adopt a Puerto Rican Family. She continues to be involved in disseminating and working with investors to bring innovative business solutions in healthcare and new technologies to her beloved Puerto Rico.

She has been recognized by South Florida Business Journal as one of the top “Influential Businesswomen of 2017,” and she also received the Golden Mouse Award for Multicultural Marketing Leader of the Year and was recognized by El Diario/La Prensa in NY, as one of the “50 Most Influential Latinas”.

Most recently, she was awarded the Diversity in Business by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce; and, was selected as one of the FACES of Latin Marketing by the 50 FACES of Gold Coast Magazine. She is originally from Puerto Rico, lived in NY for 18 years and resides between Fort Lauderdale and Puerto Rico.

Favorite quote: “If you can dream it, we can build it.” — Walt Disney

Fun fact: Have taken candle making as a new hobby, love the whole process of melting the wax, selecting the scents, mixing scents and personalizing the vases to gift my family and friends.

How do you unwind after a long day of work? A nice bubble bath. It’s my ‘me’ time to reflex on the day and rest my mind.

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how did you overcome them? Running my own business for the past 14 years have brought up peaks and valleys. Understanding each of those situations, reflecting on the lessons learned, recalibrating, adapting and adopting new ways to deal with the challenges have allowed me to pivot and sustain my business growth in areas I never even imagined.

What has been the most monumental moment of your career thus far?There are many…most recently, I am leading an initiative by launching clinical studies in my beloved Puerto Rico via an innovative liquid biopsy (urine test) to detect prostate cancer. I am super proud of being able to give back to my birthplace Puerto Rico, a USA territory, and help lead the path for advance molecular medicine on the Island that will be the epicenter of this innovation to the world and will change men’s lives.

Who are your role models? My immediate women family circle – my mom, my spouse and my sisters. Their strength, their steadfast focus on breaking the barriers to be moms, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts and to still fight the fight, preserve their moral values of integrity, compassion and family, continue to humble me and make me admire them more.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? My mom not only encouraged me to travel the world, meet people and learn from them, but also taught me that whatever I decided to do professionally, I needed to love it with passion. Passion, she said, would allow me to do my work in an authentic and empathetic way, and people would see that through as a genuine person to do business with.

What advice would you give a young woman at the start of her career? Just like my mother taught me, have a passion for what you love. Seek positive and optimistic people around you. Everything else…you will figure it out.

How does being a woman has impacted your career? It’s been a plethora of various experiences throughout my career and every single experience have made me stronger and focused. I believe the ability to develop a keen understanding of human to human interactions and how we can build win -win situations in all we do, both at the personal and professional level, have been the most valuable lesson.

Keren Moros
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