Question of the Week: Which Strategies Can Grow a Successful Minority-Owned Business in the Wake of a Global Pandemic?

Daniel Diaz Leyva, Chairman and CEO of Diaz Leyva Group, offers his thoughts

“At Diaz Leyva Group, our strategy to growing a successful minority-owned business in the wake of a pandemic is quite simple – be authentic, be responsive and be solutions-oriented. Our clients wanted to hear our candid, unvarnished opinion on the pandemic and its impact on force majeure provisions in leases, loans and purchase and sale agreement.

“In our business, in particular, the situation during the pandemic was unprecedented and clients were very concerned. Our responsiveness with clear-eyed solutions to these issues helped our clients navigate an incredibly turbulent time. Standing with them in the trenches and supporting their success in spite of those challenges solidified our role as a trusted advisor. Those clients became our most visible and vocal advocates and referral sources. In turn, we were able to grow our practice three-fold.

SFBW Staff
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