Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Team Generating Record Sales Pace

The Meza Group is based out of Coldwell Banker Realty’s Fort Lauderdale office

The Meza Group, a residential real estate sales team, recently surpassed the $100 million sales mark in the first six months of 2022. The group, founded by Maritza Meza, has just over $104 million in properties closed or under contract in 2022, which will be the team’s best year yet. In 2021, Meza Group generated $76.9 million in total sales. With more than $1.5 billion in career real estate transactions, the team specializes in South Florida waterfront homes, luxury mansions and high-rise condominiums.

When and how did you and your partner meet? My son is my business partner, and we’ve been in business together since 2004. As a team, we’ve experienced a series of changes the real estate market has encountered – from the development boom of ‘05, the recession of ‘08, and through the current demand and low inventory of today. It has been an incredible journey!

What is the biggest accomplishment that both of you are most proud of as a team and why? We are most proud of our ability to work together in a way that provides our customers the highest service possible while having fun at the same time. We’re both bilingual, which really helps with our international customers. We complement each other in a way that allows us to understand our customer’s needs with ease, knowledge and expertise. To us, it’s all about service and hospitality, and working together gives us that ability.

What is the biggest challenge that you’ve encountered since you’ve been working together? Convincing prospective customers and real estate professionals that I am really Gianpierre’s mother, not his sister LOL. Honestly, I feel so much joy and am extremely fortunate to work with my son. He’s an incredible businessman.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering starting a business with their parents, significant others, siblings or best friends? Being able to separate the personal relationship and the business relationship is paramount. It’s important to know when to step back, take a breath and stay respectful, and know when to agree to disagree without compromising either relationship. Maintaining a healthy and enjoyable personal and business relationship is the key to our success.

Outside of flipping a coin, how do you resolve a difference of opinions when it comes to a business dealing? Our customer’s interest comes first and foremost, always, no exceptions. We can look beyond any differences and do what’s best for our customers since there are no egos involved. Our goal is “a happy customer” and to get to the finish line successfully. It also helps that Gianpierre and I are very like-minded and get along extremely well. We know…we are very lucky!!

SFBW Staff
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