Go Behind the Scenes of Our Shoot With Pipeline CEO Philippe Houdard (VIDEO)

The cofounder of the shared workspace company goes before Nick Garcia’s camera

“Pipeline is a high-design shared workspace with seven locations—from Coral Gables to Brickell to Doral to Fort Lauderdale—that serve as a dynamic environment for our members—a community of innovative startups, independent businesses, and teams from growing companies,” says Houdard, who was educated at University of Florida and Harvard. “In response to all the disruption and uncertainty the last year or two, most companies are looking for flexibility. That happens to be exactly what we offer with our flexible office space, and this helps companies more easily figure out what’s next for their future. The great relationships we have with our members are what have been getting Pipeline through the pandemic, and that will remain the foundation for our business. We anticipate continued growth along with the rest of our market. When I walk through the halls of Pipeline Gables and see the space full of people, the buzz of activity, members engaging with one another, it tells me a lot about the future of work. People want to connect, they need it. They just want the flexibility to do it their own way and not be locked down.”

Look for Philippe in an upcoming issue of SFBW in 2022.


SFBW Staff
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