The Power of Teams

By Steve Garber What do we really do on our own? Very little, if anything, at all! Your family is a team. Your medical care is a team. Your business is a team, even if you are a sole practitioner. Indeed, you are likely teeming with teams in your life. Managing these teams can be

Your Secret Sauce: Relationships

It doesn’t matter what you do for a business, career or in life. The secret sauce for success and happiness comes down to relationships. We don’t stand out because of what we do – or even how good we are at doing it. We stand out (positively or negatively) because of our ability to relate,

Useless Resolutions

It’s February 2015. We’ve purchased, partied, paid and permitted ourselves to indulge over the holidays – and maybe even beyond, with that golden ticket of the inner conversation, “It’s OK, I’ll…  – Go to the gym/yoga/run/etc. – Go on a diet – Be nicer to my spouse – Clean the garage – Work on myself