DeSantis gives update on vaccine rollout

As coronavirus cases in Florida continue to rise, Gov. Ron DeSantis outlined a plan to speed the vaccine rollout on Monday. Those trying to get the vaccine found a few problems last week while trying to obtain the virus: some waited in line for hours, others found that demand had crashed the Broward County Health Department’s website. His decision to prioritize giving the vaccine to seniors as opposed to the federal recommendations to vaccinate front-line workers resulted in images of seniors camping out in lines overnight and sleeping in lawn chairs.

In a press conference today in Pensacola, DeSantis emphasized that hospitals are “the pillar” to the strategy as the first to receive the vaccine. But the state government is making moves to have offer other vaccination points. DeSantis said a partnership with Publix will allow people to get vaccinated at pharmacy locations in the supermarket chain. He said that the state will also turn drive-through testing sites into vaccination sites and will work with houses of worship to distribute the vaccine. DeSantis also has mandated that state vaccination sites be open seven days a week.

As for demand outrunning the supply, DeSantis said that it’ll take time to meet the demand. “If you couldn’t get a reservation here [in Pensacola] today or tomorrow, there’s going to be more opportunities,” he said.


Keren Moros
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