Question of the Week: What Are the Top Qualities You Look For in Recruiting and Retaining Legal Talent?

West Palm Beach attorney Craig Goldenfarb chimes in

“When looking for employees, either attorneys or staff, I look first at character. Skills can be taught, but character is something you cannot teach. Characteristics I always look for include work ethic, integrity, optimism and similar qualities. We use a few different tests such as the Kolbe or DISC personality test, before the interview. We can then follow up during the interview with questions related to their test results. We also explore whether the potential hire fits in with our mission statement and core values. We live by these and have them posted in the interview room. We ask the potential hire to tell us their thoughts on them, which gives us even more insight as to whether the employee is aligned with the purpose of our law firm. Prior experience in the required skill set is, of course, important, but we tend to weigh the skills they possess with their character traits, to ensure a great fit.”

West Palm Beach attorney Craig Goldenfarb

SFBW Staff
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