Chad Moss

Chad Moss is the Chief Executive Officer of Moss Family Office (MFO) Worldwide, a Family Asset Acquisitions Management Company. With 25 years of executive leadership and construction management experience, Moss is responsible for implementing the strategic vision of MFO. MFO is comprised of entities which include Moss & Associates, Targa 1 LLC, NXS Crypto Fund, Moss Aviation Group and Moss Foundation.

In addition, Moss serves as Executive Vice President of Moss Construction and is the co-founder of family-owned-and operated Moss & Associates. With over 25 years of experience in operations, he utilizes his longstanding background in business development, client strategy and community initiatives to successfully mentor a multitude of high-net-worth clients across the nation. He is a prominent ambassador for Moss & Associates, and he is known for building sustainability, new technology, and mentoring in the industry. He was also instrumental in the family’s donation of $10 million to name the Moss School of Construction Management at Florida International University.