Editor’s Blog: A Thanksgiving Note

In a year that has offered us unprecedented challenges and demanded similarly unprecedented levels of perseverance, giving thanks may not be the first thing on anyone’s mind. Many of us have gone a year without seeing our families and close friends in other cities. Many of us have lost jobs, clients, businesses and hope. COVID-19 has battered our collective physical and mental health and killed more than a quarter-million Americans. In light of all this, the very appearance of Thanksgiving on the calendar feels tone-deaf.

So my wish for our South Florida community—and for all of our friends and families, far and wide—is to project yourself into a safer and more prosperous future—perhaps it will be here in just six months with the wide availability of a vaccine, maybe sooner. I, for one, am giving thanks for the many blessings I’ve had in my life during “the Before Time”; the grace, productivity, kindness and understanding I’ve experienced throughout the pandemic; and I’m thanking the universe for the coming spring. “Thanks in advance” has become a cliché, but suddenly it has more visceral meaning than ever.

We have a dynamic, innovative and resourceful community, and having the opportunity to share your stories has made our SFBW team so grateful. We are inspired by you every day, and wish you peace, patience and health.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Drew Limsky
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