Thought leaders sound off about business in Miami and beyond


“You constantly want to be upgrading your peer group. You want to hang out with smarter, more successful, more interesting, higher-character people because you will rise or fall to the level of your peer group.”

—Scott Galloway, public speaker, author, entrepreneur, on Twitter


“If you can demonstrate that you’re a resilient employer, that you’ve got a strong balance sheet and can weather economic storms, and that you’re prepared to listen actively to your workforce, that puts you 30-Love up in the war for talent.”

Andy Wilde, global chair of financial services at Edelman (“From villain to victor, the finance sector moved past the last crisis to conquer this one,” by Devin Banerjee, editor at large, business and finance, at LinkedIn)


“Miami doesn’t have the infrastructure to support a tech hub yet. There’s no Stanford. There’s no Sand Hill Road. Your university just doesn’t have a world class engineering school. And so what is your actual plan to make this real? Because that is critical to employees.”

—Kara Swisher, The New York Times’ Sway podcast with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

“Do I think we need a Stanford, an M.I.T., a Harvard? Absolutely. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we don’t. Am I talking to Northeastern? Am I talking to Stanford? Yes, I’m talking to all of them. We need to change our reputation in this space tomorrow. And the only way you can do that quickly, I think, one is to build up the already existing institutions. I think that takes a lot of time. I think the other way is to attract institutions that already have their reputation, and that can be done quickly.”

—Suarez, responding to Swisher

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