Question of the Day: Is Fear What Prevents People From Career Success?

Author and speaker Bruce Turkel drops some knowledge

The biggest fears are fear of disappointing someone—and the fear of humiliation. That seems to be the big thing that stops people. People don’t seem to say, “What if I fail and can’t pay the mortgage?” I haven’t heard that, although that’s a pretty logical fear. What they say is, “What if I suck? This is my dream.”

When I was growing up, my biggest fear was singing in public—and now I speak at conferences around the world, and I sing as part of what I do and play in bands and sing. And I was terrified to do it, and I forced myself to do it. I learned if you learn how to do something, you can overcome the fear of it. If you’re afraid of heights, you’re not going to jump out of an airplane, but if they would take the course, I think they would be less afraid, because it’s quite a logical process. Same with learning how to sing.

SFBW Staff
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