Question of the Week: What Wellness Offerings Should Companies Offer Employees to Ensure Their Safety When They Return to the Office?

Employees should offer attractive incentives like monetary bonuses and/or additional paid vacation to encourage their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine (especially Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna that have shown the highest efficacy). Most viruses, especially COVID-19, are contracted through airborne transmission or by touching infected surfaces. Employers should introduce enhanced ventilation measures to create a cleaner and healthier breathing environment for employees. Companies should open windows if environmental conditions allow, install additional ceiling fans, and medical grade HEPA filters if possible. They can filter 99.95% of particles of .1 microns in size, which constitutes the average size of the SARS CoV2 virus. Upper room germicidal ultraviolet type c irradiation (UV-C) is recommended in settings where groups of unknown vaccination status congregate, such as courtrooms, gyms, or waiting rooms of medical offices. Employers should encourage employees, staff, and visitors to wash their hands frequently under warm water for 20+ seconds. Additionally, employers should follow periodic cleaning and sanitizing best practices throughout the day. Gentera’s Coral Gables office is still providing concierge COVID-19 testing, IV treatments and peptide therapies for companies, families, large groups and individuals. These tests and treatments boost employee confidence and immune support that’s proven effective.”

SFBW Staff
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