Question of the Week: Why Is Financial Literacy Crucial For Surviving the Pandemic and Beyond?

David Druey, Florida Regional President at Centennial Bank, has the professional insight to provide the answer

“While Americans were always aware of saving for a rainy day, the unexpected impact of the pandemic has shed a light on personal finances and the demand for better literacy. This includes improving one’s relationship with money to properly manage, budget and invest funds. To fully understand the fundamentals, more widespread education about these topics needs to be available. This has prompted Centennial Bank to launch a literacy program with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a national nonprofit focused on financial wellness. In partnership with Banzai Inc., an interactive, award-winning course on real-world finance, the bank is sponsoring 43 schools in Florida to access the program. By doing so, we hope that if another health crisis or financial crash occurs, everyone from students to retirees are better equipped to handle the situation.”

SFBW Staff
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