Seeds of Change: North Broward Preparatory School Team Wins National Lexus Eco Challenge


North Broward Preparatory School students are planting seeds of change within their local community.

This year, a group of students from the 6th grade class entered the Lexus Eco Challenge, which encourages students to make a difference in the eco health of our planet and develop and implement environmental programs that positively impact their communities.

The NBPS team drew inspiration for their project from a topic they had learned about in science class and were familiar with as South Florida residents – hurricanes, an increasing challenge to those living in coastal states, and how global warming makes them stronger. Their research showed that the exhaust released from cars and trucks contributes to global warming, because exhaust produces greenhouse gases, which are trapped into the atmosphere.

To make an impact, the team decided to focus on reducing food miles that the NBPS school cafeteria adds to the world. They named themselves Food Miles Matter and worked to produce some food in the school’s garden to give to the cafeteria in order to reduce the amount of food that must be ordered and shipped in.

The team began their project by researching hydroponics and planting seeds in the school’s garden. They learned about tower gardens and other equipment that would help improve the environment of their school and schools around the world.

At an average age of just twelve years old, these students utilized the power of social media to spread awareness and share their journey toward an eco-friendly school. They created presentations that were shared across social platforms and among classmates to inform other students of the dangers of global warming, and the small steps that they could take to reduce their carbon footprint. They continued to post updates on the work they were doing within North Broward Prep, including cafeteria items that were made using ingredients from the garden that they started. They even created a Global Gardening questionnaire that schools with gardening programs could use to virtually connect with each other and share ideas.

The Food Miles Matter Team won the regional title in the Lexus Eco Challenge earlier this year, earning $10,000, and went on to win the $30,000 national grand prize in the Final Challenge.

The group’s team includes sixth graders Camila Palladino, Isabel Wiley, Maddie Sage, Ryan Folic, Nate Harmelin, Grant Fawcett and Hayden Simmons. To follow them on their continued journey, visit their Twitter page at


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