Julio Roque

2021 Finance Awards Honoree: Julio Roque

Meet Julio Roque, SVP, Private Wealth Market Executive of Synovus

Julio Roque is a senior-level bank executive who leverages over 34 years of experience in financial planning, investment management, custom lending and banking background to lead a dedicated team of professionals in the planning and execution of various complex wealth management issues. Julio’s objective is to help clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations at Synovus.

Favorite Quote: “Attitude not aptitude determines altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing Dominoes and have won multiple tournaments.

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how did you overcome them? On several occasions worked for leaders who lacked vision or ability to coach and develop. I was able to stay motivated and focused on my personal goals. As a result, not only did I outlast those leaders, but I achieved significant recognition and continued success as a leader in the industry I serve.

What has been the most monumental moment of your career thus far? I have received many awards and recognition in my professional career by many leaders and CEOs, including being ranked No. 1 office in the country. I would still defer the monumental moment to be witnessing the birth of my children and having the ability to share all their achievements.

What’s the one piece of financial advice you regret not taking? When I was younger, a client recommended buying an acre in a city called Parkland for $15,000 so you can eventually build your home. I wish I had!!!

What’s the biggest financial mistake most people make? Utilizing multiple advisors for diversification vs. asset allocation creates a lack of efficiency and can create additional risk to portfolios. Also, not creating an Estate plan, keeping it up to date and holding family meetings with key family members/successor trustees who will manage the trust during incapacity or at passing.

How do you get first-time investors to alter their thinking on investing? I believe in educating first-time investors around the fundamental facts about the markets and historical data. It is important to assess and understand their risk tolerance and to show them the value of investing over a long-term time horizon and investing regularly into various market cycles to take advantage of opportunities within market volatility.

At Synovus, we have the advantage to teach & promote our RAISE THE BANNER for Financial Education Program, designed to educate individuals in the communities we serve, the basic financial concepts and principles, so they’re able to make confident financial decisions- and reach their personal and economic goals.

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