2021 Real Estate Awards Honoree: Laurie Dubow

Laurie Dubow brings a unique perspective as a leader and expert. She is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker and Business Broker with degrees in Psychotherapy and Business Administration. Laurie mentors her Team of 40 Realtors, teaches workshops, is a published author of more than 40 articles, and has been the Real Estate Editor of Attorney at Law Magazine. With broad experience testifying in court as an expert witness, Laurie has become a go-to person for many attorneys and other professionals. Known as a “Real Estate Concierge,” Laurie’s mission is to help professionals and her clients make critical decisions about their homes, their businesses and their lives. Participating and leading many organizations, boards and charitable organizations, she believes in giving back to the community. Laurie values most her relationships with family, friends, clients and colleagues, and strives to always make a positive contribution to every endeavor.

Favorite Quote: “Real Estate is not about brick and mortar. It is about people making important decisions about their homes, their businesses, and their lives.”

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how did you overcome them? There have been many challenges over the years, and whenever I am faced with a difficult career or personal decision, I remember the values that I learned from my parents through their unconditional love and their example of treating others with respect and compassion.

What has been the most monumental moment of your career thus far? When I received the honor of being awarded “Real Estate Broker of the Year” by the Realtors’ Association, and when I was recognized with a National Leadership Award from the National Association of Divorce Professionals.

What inspired you to make Real Estate a career? After practicing psychotherapy for 20 years, I became involved in a Real Estate transaction that changed my life! I realized that I could help many more people in a more meaningful way through Real Estate, and this was the perfect way to combine my background in Psychology with my business background.

What was the most memorable sale or deal you’ve had in the past year? Having the opportunity to work with the owner of the Sports Immortals franchise to list and sell his Landmark Boca Raton building and the accompanying land. Through our mutual understanding, I found a deep appreciation in the fact that the museum represented a lifetime of achievement and a love for everything that sports embody.

When in 2020 did you realize that something major was happening in South Florida Real Estate? About a week after the pandemic was announced, I started to receive phone calls from people asking to buy properties without seeing them in person. At that moment, I knew that I would need to change my paradigm and soon realized that our world would never be the same.

Who was your most helpful mentor in the business? My dad is my mentor and inspiration. He was a Real Estate Attorney, and he taught me that this is not about creating deals, but it is about creating relationships. Finding a win-win in every transaction is accomplished through respect, integrity, and compromise.

SFBW Staff
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