2021 Real Estate Awards Honoree: Marcie Gregorio

Marcie Gregorio is the owner and founder of Worldwide Title. She is a mom of an amazing 7-year old girl (Charlotte). She is the first generation daughter of parents from Portugal. She was born and raised in New Jersey into the family business of restaurants and real estate. Entrepreneurship flows through my blood. She speaks three languages and worked in the real estate legal industry for 20 years that led her to open Worldwide Title at end of November 2017. Her knowledge, experience and love to serve are unmatched. She is a strong negotiator and verbal communicator with driven results. In four short years, Worldwide Title has become a leading title provider and “go-to” guru for closings and making things happen attitude! Realtors love that! And so do she.

Favorite Quote: “You get what you give.”

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how did you overcome them? The biggest challenge is obscurity. You can be the best at what you do, but if no one knows you, what good are you? I have been in the real estate industry behind the scenes for decades, sharpening my skills, building my talents, closing thousands of real estate transactions. Each moment and every detail led me to open Worldwide Title. One of the steps I took to overcome obscurity, Networking! In my first year, I personally met 1,500 people! Exhausting! I was a one-man show! But this was not enough! I took on webinars, speaking engagements, training classes for real estate agents, not enough! I sought out top real estate agents, delivered exceptional service as promised, and landed huge transactions that led me to media outlets and the rest is history! Entrepreneurship is a daily grind! Never sleep on your clients!

What has been the most monumental moment of your career thus far? To actually have a running business! This is a dream! I am so passionate and committed to everything I do. I pride myself on my nature of a love to serve mentally, one that extends and embodies our office culture. We are in the service industry, and I have a deep understanding that without my real estate agents doing what they do best, there is no me/title!

When in 2020 did you realize that something major was happening in South Florida Real Estate? I never lost hope here; one way or another, the real estate market would boom. I was confident that a lot of people were sitting on cash, waiting for the right opportunity to reap the rewards! If anything, I got more aggressive with my media platforms, went overboard with motivational classes for agents and keep making sure their pipeline was always on track!

SFBW Staff
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