According to New Survey, Florida Employees Are Happy…But Looking

80% of Florida workers are either on the job hunt or would consider switching

As part of a national survey, Grant Thornton elicited responses from 409 Florida workers on a series of workplace issues. The results depict a workforce in line with the rest of the nation in terms of openness to job-switching:

  • 29% of Florida workers are actively looking for a new job.
  • 51% of Florida workers are not looking, but would consider switching jobs.
  • 57% of Florida workers say that they are paid fairly for the contributions they make to their company’s success.
  • 46% of Florida workers expect a salary increase of greater than 6% in the coming year.


This eagerness for new opportunities comes despite the fact that Florida’s employees, according to the survey, report being happier at work than the national average—as long as they can work remotely.

  • 65% of Florida workers are passionate about their job, compared to the national average of 58%.
  • 63% of Florida workers say their company strongly supports the development of its employees, compared to the national average of 57%.
  • 55% of Florida workers have a strong emotional attachment to their company, compared to the national average of 49%.
  • 60% of Florida workers feel that their employer really understands their needs as an employee, compared to the national average of 54%.
  • 62% of Florida workers are satisfied with their work/life balance, compared to the national average of 59%.
  • 54% of Florida workers do not want to work for a company that would require them to physically return to work full time, compared to the national average of 48%.
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