Cryptocurrency Investment Firm Relocates Headquarters to Miami

The South Florida area continues to attract digital currency companies looking to capitalize on the region’s growth potential. The latest cryptocurrency company to call Miami home is BlockTower Capital, an investment firm focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

“BlockTower Capital’s new headquarters in the Brickell Financial District will be home to a diverse and talented group of employees involved in all facets of investment management, computer engineering, and data analytics, creating new opportunities for our local workforce and helping to accelerate the growth of our finance and technology ecosystems,” says Miami Downtown Development Authority Board Member and Pipeline Workspaces Co-Founder Philippe Houdard.

The firm recently announced plans to relocate all personnel and physical office space from New York City to Miami, with strategies to expand and hire talent in the local job market as part of its growth and investment approach. The relocation to Miami coincides with BlockTower’s recent acquisition of Gamma Point Capital, a San Francisco-based market-neutral crypto investment fund.

“Miami represents the intersection of important trends and values, not only for BlockTower as a company in our own business, but also for the world more broadly,” says Matthew Goetz, CEO of BlockTower. “It’s a special opportunity to base our firm in a place that so uniquely combines the best of the financial investment community and the tech innovation community and we look forward to helping catalyze that ecosystem here with our brand and relationships across both the public and private sectors going forward.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has strived to turn the city into a market for cryptocurrency companies to thrive in. He has pushed the state to enact financial regulation for cryptocurrency while implementing a regulatory environment that caters to the new technology.

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay,” Mayor Suarez says. “One in five Americans now hold a form of crypto, blockchain technology is now commonly being used for DeFi, NFTs and a host of other applications, and the traditional finance world is starting to invest in the space. BlockTower was a first mover, and as a preeminent institutional investment platform, they will continue to lead the way. We’re honored to have them call Miami home.”

SFBW Staff
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