New medical supply company launches

PPE became a commonly heard term during the pandemic—along with headlines of the issues surrounding health care workers’ struggles to obtain PPE.

Enter Medivico, a subsidiary of food and beverage distribution company, Invico. Launched during the pandemic, the PPE and medical supply company seeks to address world PPE shortages. Co-founded by president Arnold Thorstad, a Miami resident, and CEO Roberto Delli, a Boca Raton resident, Medivico provides bulk purchases to mid-sized and small medical providers at the same price usually reserved for major providers and leverage relationships and resources within their supply chain network to deliver reputable PPE as opposed to low-grade producers from competitors.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the worst-case scenarios must be accounted for. Proper preparedness is a necessary policy,” Thorstad said.

To aid in that preparedness, Medivico has also pledged to donate 1 million units of PPE to medical providers during the pandemic. It’ll be a welcome help at a time when demand for PPE is set to continue. In fact, the company notes the global demand for nitrile gloves reached more than 580 billion this year, according to according to the Health Industry Distributors Association, but manufacturers are only capable of producing 370 billion at current levels. A November survey from National Nurses United shows that 80% of 15,000 nurses surveyed say they’re reusing at least one type of single-use PPE. In addition, 20% percent of nurses in hospitals report that their employer has recently limited the use of N95 respirator masks.

Medivico, based in Fort Lauderdale, provides masks, gloves, respirators, gowns, cleaning and disinfecting products, testing equipment and additional protective equipment such as goggles. Click here to learn more.

Keren Moros
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