Question of the Week: What Are the Most Transferrable Soft Skills Recruiters Look For in a Candidate?

Kate Keller, principal of the real estate recruiting firm Keller Augusta, has some ideas

“Companies can no longer say they cannot operate remotely,” Keller says. “With an increased demand for permanent remote work or hybrid office models, there is a clear indication that there will be a massive shift in the way companies operate. With this in mind, hiring managers are expanding their candidate searches to include critical skills and competencies for the new work environment. Operating a remote business requires employees that are adaptable, assertive, and resourceful. Candidates that take proactive approaches such as creating a plan on how to tackle remote collaboration, developing goals for a digital onboarding process, or outlining professional goals demonstrate the initiative of motivating themselves to meet deadlines and produce high-quality work. As South Florida continues to experience a real estate boom, commercial real estate companies are bullish on maintaining sustained growth, seeking individuals who are well-versed in market trends, bringing valuable resources to the business. Similar to how landlords are reconfiguring office layouts to align with post-Covid-19 trends, hiring managers are re-thinking work culture, including in office, work from home and hybrid expectations.”

SFBW Staff
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