Question of the Week: What Are the Unique Home Features South Florida Homebuyers Want?

Ignazio and Gaetano Caltagirone, the co-founders of The Calta Group, a real estate development and construction company, share their expertise

“Today’s buyers are coming from different demographics, and the market to attract them is more competitive. It is less about local homeowners growing out of their current house. It’s about new families moving to Miami, so the house needs to make that move more exciting because it is a new start. We are seeing increased interest in markets like South Miami, Pinecrest and Coral Gables, these are residential communities where people want to live (not just visit). The bar is higher and includes extremely efficient layouts, top-quality finishes, intricate design details and amenities that make the home the ultimate sanctuary – gyms, saunas, and multi-functional spaces. The whole package must feel like both a primary residence and a vacation home, and lastly, location is key as convenience is paramount.”

SFBW Staff
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