Tri-county Businesses and Public Relations Pros: What You Need to Know about Our New Agenda Section

SFBW's editor-in-chief on SFBW's new Agenda section

By SFBW editor-in-chief Drew Limsky

With our new iteration of SFBW comes a new editorial logic and structure, so we’ll be sending out guidance about what goes where in each issue of the magazine.

In short, Agenda stays close to home: That’s why it’s subtitled “Inside Your World.” Staying in and nesting is always relevant, but especially so these days. That’s why we focus on interior design, art collections, home entertaining, even food and wine. It’s also about your next car, fashion and grooming, health and fitness, family life, and ideas for your personal finance.

For example, October’s Agenda section features articles on the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq, innovative home wine spaces, and alternative real estate investments. And November’s installation of Agenda will contain timely pieces about digital and live workouts, enhanced home offices and grooming. No matter the subject matter, woven through every article is the good life and the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why SFBW 2.0 carries the tagline, “Aiming Higher, Living Well.”

In future posts, look for upcoming guidance on our other departments: Briefing Room (“Intel & Objects”), Engage (“The Wider World”) and our last page, the very personal Vision Board. And what we look for in our feature stories.

Most importantly, give us feedback and send us ideas! Contact me at and be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Drew Limsky
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