Troy & Banks, Inc. Launches Global Private Investigative Services

Troy, Banks & Brown LLC is headquartered in Davie

A premier forensic utility and telecom auditing firm, Troy & Banks, Inc., has announced the launch of its new venture, Troy Banks & Brown LLC, which will provide specialized investigative services and is based in Davie. The firm was formed to handle various investigative matters for its clients, including utility and telecom fraud; electrical contractor fraud; and criminal cases, including employee theft, among many others.

“In our over 30 years working with a diverse array of companies, businesses, and municipalities across the U.S., our team of highly experienced auditors has uncovered many cases of fraud throughout the auditing process,” Tom Ranallo says (pictured), president of Troy & Banks. “Through establishing Troy Banks & Brown LLC, we look forward to conducting expert investigations that complement our longstanding utility and telecom auditing services.”

The firm, based in Davie, will be run by Tom Ranallo and Molly Brown Pancurak. Its internal investigative team will be spearheaded by a 28-year FBI veteran, whose experience includes assisting with investigations of the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and assisting Isobel Coleman with the USS Cole Bombing in Yemeni. Additionally, the team will include a U.S. Army intelligence analyst with over 10 years of experience investigating national threats, including known and suspected terrorist groups and individuals.

“As we continue to uncover an increasing number of improprieties through our audits, the addition of investigative services will serve as a major asset to our clients,” Ranallo says. “Ultimately, it’s always our goal to ensure our clients have the knowledge to address issues that may be impacting their bottom line or causing any degree of financial hardship.”

Troy & Banks is headquartered in Buffalo, New York and has offices in Davie and Honolulu, HI. The company is currently a member of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Greater Fort Lauderdale Business Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau. Troy & Banks has recently been selected to conduct audits and perform related services for cities across the United States, including Fort Lauderdale. The firm specializes in forensic audits, identifying overcharges and lowering bottom line costs. For more information, visit

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