The Up and Comers: Ty Richardson

Meet Ty Richardson of One Global Business Financing, an honoree in the financial services category of the 2020 Up and Comer Awards

SFBW’s Up & Comer Awards honors young professionals who have achieved excellence in their careers, shown a commitment to their community and demonstrated leadership. To learn more about this year’s event, taking place Oct. 14, click here.


Dr. Ty Richardson is a Trinidadian-American, Florida-based, serial entrepreneur. Having spent his early years working for a Fortune 100 company, Ty built his career on a foundation of adding value, creating efficiencies and maximization. Ty’s corporate years exposed him to international security, government affairs and airport operations before he oversaw call center operations across Europe and Asia/Pacific. Ty left American Airlines and headed to Silicon Valley where he raised money and launched a social network before pivoting and making it a social enterprise supporting youth and young professionals. Today, that organization is known as YoPro Global, and together with Ty’s loan brokerage, One Global Business Financing, and Ty’s Performance-Based Coaching Practice, Ty continues to help other young professionals discover their strengths, develop themselves and finance their dreams. Ty has a BA in Advertising, an MA in International Commerce and Public Policy and a PhD in Organization and Management.


Favorite quote: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

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