Tri-county Businesses and Public Relations Pros: What You Need to Know about Our New Engage Section

SFBW's editor-in-chief on the magazine's new Engage section

The response to our new iteration of SFBW has been awesome! Thanks to all of you who have emailed and posted feedback!

As I’ve said earlier in the week, we’ll keep sending out guidance about what goes where in each issue of the magazine. So today the topic is Engage.

While Agenda stays close to home, Engage reaches well outside the home, and is subtitled “The Wider World.” This is the section to look for local, regional, national and global coverage that’s relevant to sophisticated South Floridians. Engage includes recreational pursuits like travel, dining, golf and sports, as well as architecture and real estate. But it’s not all fun and games: Engage also features thought leaders, legal topics, entrepreneurs and philanthropy.

For example, October’s Agenda section features articles on technologist and digital marketer Robert Blankenship, the Amrit condo-hotel on Singer Island and villa holidays on St. Barts. And November’s installation of Engage will contain pieces about ice cream store franchises, the Aurora condo in Sunny Isles, South Beach architecture by Hugo Mijares, and attorney Chad Van Horn. No matter the subject matter, woven through every article is the good life and the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why SFBW 2.0 carries the tagline, “Aiming Higher, Living Well.”

In future posts, look for upcoming guidance on the rest of the magazine: Briefing Room (“Intel & Objects”); our last page, the very personal Vision Board; and what to expect in our feature stories.

Most importantly, give us feedback and send us ideas! Contact me at and be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Drew Limsky
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