ZERO-G Experience Coming to Fort Lauderdale

A space entertainment and tourism company aims to provide more public access to space-like adventures

ZERO-G Corporation will offer guests a chance to experience the weightlessness of space when the innovative company brings its ZERO-G Experience® to Fort Lauderdale on May 7 and May 13. During the ZERO-G flight, guests onboard a modified Boeing 727-200 will feel what it’s like to float in space By flying aerobatic maneuvers called a parabola. The G-FORCE ONE aircraft’s upgraded hydraulic system allows for continuous hydraulic pressure during the parabolic performance. The modification and the addition of accelerometers in the cockpit were tested and approved by the FAA. The interior of G-FORCE ONE has been altered to allow for maximum floating space, with the floating area divided into sections and padded from floor to ceiling with one rope running down each side of the plane.

The cost for the five-hour experience is $8,200, with flyers required to be at least 8-years-old with no maximum age requirement. The cost includes:

  • A parabolic flight with 15 parabolas
  • Breakfast
  • Flight suit
  • Zero-G Merchandise
  • Weightless Certificate
  • Photos and Videos of your experience
  • Pre-Flight Merchandise Box one per flyer


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