Beach Towing Secures Sunset Harbour for $6.5 Million

After being longtime tenants of the property, Beach Towing recently completed the purchase of the facility it had been operating at since 1986. The Sunset Harbour building at 1349 Dade Boulevard in Miami Beach is where the company runs its automobile storage and towing business.

“Sunset Harbour has undergone an incredible transformation,” says Mika Mattingly (pictured), Executive Managing Director of Colliers Urban Core Division, a commercial real estate company that represented the seller in the transaction. “This is the first neighborhood I farmed, selling a good chunk of the market’s available land at the time. The area has exploded with development since then.”

While the property is located within Commercial Medium Intensity (C-5) zoning district, Beach Towing began operating at the location when it was an Intensive Commercial District (C-6) which enabled the business to be grandfathered into the new zoning regulations.

SFBW Staff
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