Burning Question for Candela Mamajuana CEO Alejandro Russo

What was the inspiration for your company?

“Candela Mamajuana was born after I was fascinated by the drink served to me at a hotel bar in the Dominican Republic. It became my daily ritual while I was on that trip—I enjoyed the smooth taste and it was unlike any other spiced rum I had before. When my trip was over, I was surprised to find out that I could not buy this magical drink and take it home with me. So, the bartender met me at the end of his shift and handed me this homemade version of mamajuana and explained how the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. Millions of people were drinking mamajuana every year, yet there wasn’t a brand making it. So, I thought ‘Why not?!’ and that’s how the idea to bring the finest expression of this iconic Dominican drink to the rest of the world was born.”

—Alejandro Russo, Miami-based co-founder and CEO, Candela Mamajuana

SFBW Staff
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