Dad could…go…all…the…way!

As the dads of the world wait for team sports to resume, Hoffman’s Chocolates is offering an array of sports-themed chocolates for Father’s Day, which is June 21.

An assortment of Hoffman’s Chocolates Father’s Day themed gifts

Yes, that’s Chris Berman with a Hoffman’s chocolate football, which sells for $12.95 for 4.8 ounces or $44.95 for two pounds. The latter could provide plenty of energy for rumblin’, bumblin’ and stumblin’ towards the end zone.

Other sports-themed items include:

Chocolate Golf Set – A golf bag and balls molded in Hoffman’s Chocolates luscious premium milk chocolate and white confectionery. This 5 oz. set has a clear acetate lid for a great presentation. ($11.95)

White Chocolate Golf Balls – 5 oz. trio of solid golf balls in sweet creamy white confection. ($9.95)

Chocolate Tennis Kit – milk chocolate molded to look like tennis equipment. ($11.95)

Chocolate Baseball Kit – milk chocolate molded to look like baseball equipment. ($11.95)

Dad not into sports? Hoffman’s has a 4.9 oz package of four milk chocolate cigars ($12.95) and a milk chocolate tool kit molded into a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver. ($11.95)

There’s also a Taste of Florida Cremes box set. It’s an 8-ounce box of assorted fruit flavored creams. Options include key lime, tangerine, coconut, rum, pineapple, and buttercream with coconut.

All Hoffman’s Chocolates retail stores are open in Palm Beach and Broward County. Each store also offers curbside, pick-up or delivery. For more information visit

Kevin Gale
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