Entreprenista and Female Mold Expert Co-authors Book on Finding Purpose and the Dirty Journey She Took to Get There

Maxine Gomez is the CEO of Dry Tech 24/7 Inc.

As the CEO and founder of a company in a male-dominated industry, Maxine Gomez knows the challenges many people face to become leaders and implement positive impacts on their community. So when she was asked to co-author a leadership book, Gomez’s hesitancy quickly dissipated.

“When I was first asked to participate, I read the list of authors and said, I don’t think I fit in here,” she says. “All of these people have helped and inspired so many, I am just a construction worker. But Wendi Blum (organizer and co-author of the book) encouraged me to tell my story. She reminded me I am a Latin Woman CEO and that it was my responsibility to share it so others may have courage, she said, of course, you fit in; you are the Tough Love Department.”

Gomez recently spoke to SFBW about her restoration company, Dry Tech 24/7, and now she wants to share more of her leadership experiences to inspire readers to pursue their passion through the co-authored Amazon’s best-selling book, Called to Speak, Lead, and Impact.

The book offers insights that include over 250 years of conscious leadership, masterful work, and business acumen from a powerful group of luminaries. Their wisdom, stories and principles in the guidebook are intended to jumpstart the readers’ journey to becoming more positive, productive and prosperous.

The book provides 22 real-life experiences of successful people that will inspire readers to reach for their potential. Each adventure is broken down into individual chapters, so readers can experience them one at a time, like having 22 books in one that gets right to the heart of the message.

In Chapter eight of the book, Fort Lauderdale’s Gomez recalls starting her restoration business and going “from pre-med to serial entrepreneur” in the male-dominated emergency restoration industry. Like most of the other authors in the book, Gomez shares insights on what it takes to be successful. And through this process, she is now taking her experience to coach individuals and companies to maximize their potential in her Strengths Finder-based coaching and consulting firm, Tough Love Dept.

“The vivid storytelling, profound teachings and powerful principals these authors share will jumpstart readers on their journey to become more positive, more productive and more prosperous,” Wendi Blum says, organizer and co-author of the book along with Patricia Wooster.

In “Called to Speak, Lead and Impact,” readers will discover:

  • Real-life stories explaining how people segue from working mundane jobs to becoming founders, innovators and trailblazers
  • Creative conversations which cultivate community, connections and collaborations
  • Unique insights into how people use their experiences and expertise to impact the world around them favorably


“Called to Speak, Lead and Impact is like having a mentor in every possible business category in one location,” Wooster says, a successful author of more than a dozen and a half books. “Every single one of these seasoned entrepreneurs offers advice, tactics and stories that short-cut the journey to success for the reader.”

Authors in Called to Speak, Lead and Impact are Bianca Abbott, Kathy M. Binner, Jeffrey L. Bittner, Daniel Blum, Steven Goldhar, Maxine Gomez, Julia Langley, Eileen Lemelman, Rachel Levy, Sarah Martin, Stephen Michael McCall, Kathy Mela, Elena Nikiforia, Lisa Ray, Rachelle Sylvain-Spence, Bhavna Srivastava, Lori Blum Sugerman, Tabatha Thorell, Arianne Traverso, Marcia Narine Weldon, Wendi Blum Weiss and Patricia Wooster.

Called to Speak, Lead and Impact is published by Wooster Media and is available on Amazon for $9.99.

SFBW Staff
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