Featured Cocktails: La Goulue’s A Walk on the Peach and LG Fizz

SFBW is featuring various concoctions around South Florida to provide a glimpse into what local bars and restaurants are offering

French restaurants are known for their wide range of red wines, but a relatively new restaurant in Palm Beach strives to provide a little cocktail flair to its drink menu. La Goulue is a Manhattan-based restaurant that opened a location in Palm Beach in late 2020. While bringing a well-known French restaurant from New York City to South Florida in the middle of the pandemic certainly has its challenges, the newer establishment’s drink and food offerings provide the perfect blend of new-age cocktails with traditional French cuisine.

Along with its bistro staples like the Le Souffle Fromage, an award-winning signature cheese dish mixed with white truffle oil, La Goulue also offers an eclectic cocktail menu to mix fresh oysters and escargot with.

Two fresh concoctions recently added to the menu include “A Walk on the Peach” and “LG Fizz.” “LG Fizz” (on the right) features Gunpowder Irish gin with lemon, basil-cucumber syrup topped with champagne for a perfect blend of sweetness and carbonation for a flavorful drink. The “Walk on the Peach” with Grey Goose White Peach and Rosemary vodka with lemon and egg white is a great starter to pair with the Le Souffle Fromage due to its rich flavor and bold taste.

Sean d'Oliveira
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