Fort Lauderdale-Based Company Becomes First to Offer 5G TV Service in U.S.

SuperCloud International spent 15 years of research and development on the emerging technology

Fort Lauderdale-based SuperCloud International, Inc. (SCI) recently launched the world’s first 5G TV service in the United States, featuring in-home service Apps for Internet-connected Smart TV service through its new UMAXX.TV division. The premium technology for the Convergent Cloud Access System (CCAS) was developed over the last 15 years. UMAXX’s 5G Home Internet service provides top-grade and faster, stronger, and more superior service than traditional 5G service.

“We are using military-grade, 5G Internet service, because we have fostered alliances, with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, in order to combine the 5G IoT (Internet of Things) networks from each carrier and to provide consumers with a rich, multidimensional, and truly personalized TV experience,” says Jim Devericks (pictured), Founder of SCI.

The new launch will allow customers around the U.S. to enjoy enhanced high-speed connectivity, high-resolution images, premium entertainment and customizable packages. UMAXX.TV is also an Internet Service Provider (ISP) under three major mobile phone carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Download speeds have been tested over two gigabits (2 Gbps+) per second on the Customer’s Premises Equipment (CPE) devices offered to consumers.

“The way we see it, consumers are ready for change—no more satellite dishes, no more cable boxes, no more unsightly wires,” Devericks says. UMAXX.TV represents the revolutionary future of TV and home entertainment. We have integrated traditional cable TV, IPTV, and streaming into one powerful game-changing solution.”

The UMAXX applications are offered on Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Google Play for Android, LG, Roku and Samsung. UMAXX.TV consumers may also choose the TV package they prefer, but consumers may not purchase the content services without purchasing the 5G Home Internet service through UMAXX. The company also provides free HDTV antennas to all its UMAXX subscribers to access their local television channels.

“Naturally, consumers may choose the package that suits them best,” Devericks says. “Presently, customers will need to purchase adaptive equipment such as the Nighthawk Netgear Hotspot Pro, the Inseego FG2000, or the Inseego FX2000 (5G modem-router combinations) from UMAXX. These devices enable consumers to ‘plug and play’ and enjoy this 5G Home Internet service, while the strength and download speed are delivered through the UMAXX 5G military-grade Internet solutions.”

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