GCI Worldwide Corporation in Fort Lauderdale Aims to Propel Women in the Workplace

The company recently held a panel discussion on the Gender Inclusion Movement

As the founder and CEO of GCI Worldwide Corporation, Giselle Cheminand’s doesn’t just provide coaching to help women land CEO and top leadership positions. She also believes men should play a more prominent role in assisting women to become CEOs while also changing the way companies hire and promote top female talent and help them excel once they’ve reached c-suite level.

During Women’s Business Month in October, Cheminand and her company hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring top local executives from major brands such as Walgreens. The event focuses on ways men and women can work together to further equality in business leadership positions.

“The EWLC Leadership Conference is a part of our platform, by which we lead a movement to promote gender inclusion,” Cheminand (pictured, left) says. “We engage top leaders to lead positive change in their company and lives. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from top executives, ways to improve their leadership skills, network with high caliber leaders, grow their network and initiate business opportunities, and be inspired by the personal stories of amazing speakers.”

Based in Fort Lauderdale, GCI Worldwide Corporation provides services for businesses, including Corporate Development Programs, Executive Coaching, Sales Seminars, Assessments and various other hiring-based services. The goal entails producing strategic change and effective results for professionals, executives, leaders and the companies they represent.

Cheminand and her company have trained thousands of female executives in South Florida and around the U.S. Participants have included leaders at Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and global companies like MassMutual, FedEx, Cisco Systems and Walgreens. One of the leading training topics involves the Gender Inclusion Movement, which proposes that both men and women shift their perspectives on each role in leading change.

To achieve more gender equality in the workplace, the movement features the following steps:

1. Men need to include more women to participate in higher-level leadership roles.

2. Women need to get prepared to accept or ask for such opportunities.

3. Both men and women need to pay it forward.

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