Gucci Opens Newly Relocated Boutique in Palm Beach

Gucci has been a staple in Palm Beach and the new location adds to the Italian brand's legacy in the U.S.

Gucci has just opened the doors of its newly relocated boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. The new space features over 5,600 square feet of retail space, offering a stunning collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for both men and women—from shoes and handbags to luggage, small leather goods, jewelry, watches and eyewear. Guests can also purchase fine jewelry, precious leather accessories and handbag collections, which are only available at select locations in the country. They can also be among the first to explore the Gucci Cruise 2023 collection, unveiled in Puglia, Italy in May 2022.

The store is designed to make guests feel like they are in a cozy and welcoming home. The built-in displays are reminiscent of walk-in closets, and the racks are inspired by classic brass designs, which seamlessly accommodate different product categories. Wicker armchairs and sofas are placed throughout the store, complemented by vintage oriental rugs, creating intimate corners for shoppers to relax. Combining various elements from different places and times offers a sophisticated and surprising aesthetic to enhance its core narrative.

Gucci is dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly initiatives and energy-efficient technologies in its stores globally. Their new store is now LEED-certified to achieve this goal and utilizes LED lighting.

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