Surfside Victims’ Settlement Reaches Nearly $1 Billion

Champlain Towers’ class-action lawsuit finds a sudden resolution

“In a surprisingly swift resolution of the Champlain Towers South class-action lawsuit, “the Miami Herald reports, “relatives of the victims and survivors of the Surfside condo collapse have reached a settlement that will pay them nearly $1 billion, a state court judge was told Wednesday. The comprehensive settlement announced in Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Michael Hanzman’s courtroom effectively closes the litigation phase of the case. Still to be decided: the individual shares the plaintiffs, including family members of the 98 people who died in the collapse, will receive. “

The staggering sum might still rise higher: “We have gotten $997 million in proposed settlements before you—and it could be a billion before the end of the week,” said Harley S. Tropin, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs. “We will be done. The money will be distributed. These victims will get some measure of relief.”

SFBW Staff
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