Text 3Cinteractive for Customer Engagement

Boca Raton-based 3Cinteractive gained global recognition in 2013 when it was named the most promising company in America by Forbes magazine. Since then, the company continues to grow and to leverage the pervasive mobility trends that the Forbes” judges recognized.

3C focuses on marketing that helps large brands such as Best Buy, Walgreens, Disney, Intercontinental Hotels Group and others engage their customers via mobile phones. Retailers are hungry for increasing visibility and conversions to sales, yet traditional email has lost effectiveness and consumers are resisting promotion overload.

SMS continues to be an effective means to prompt a customer response across iPhones, Androids and other smartphones. However, new regulations have made this risky business if the rules are not followed. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) limits what a business can send consumers as SMS/texts and imposes stiff penalties for violators. 3C excels at navigating this complex world of increasing engagement while staying within required regulations.

“The key thing in order for brands to maintain relevancy with their customer is pretty simple: Create intimacy while respecting privacy,” says 3C CEO John Duffy. 

Gaining consumer’s permission is both a legal requirement and effective threshold for engagement. Once permission and intimacy is achieved, the results can be significant. 3C’s major customers see millions of dollars in new revenue based on increased engagement. 

This magic happens inside one of South Florida’s best places to work, according to the Sun Sentinel and South Florida Business Journal. A look around the 3C offices reveals a cool vibe that’s a cross between a Hard Rock Cafe and a SoHo loft. With the world going mobile, 3C looks to be well-positioned to live up to its promising outlook. ?

Chris Fleck is on the board of the South Florida Technology Alliance and vice president of emerging solutions for Citrix Systems (NASDAQ: CTXS), a Fort Lauderdale company that provides secure remote access to data and applications.

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