The Up and Comers: Brian Montalvo

Meet Brian Montalvo of Florida Atlantic University, an honoree in the education category of the 2020 Up and Comer Awards

SFBW’s Up & Comer Awards honors young professionals who have achieved excellence in their careers, shown a commitment to their community and demonstrated leadership. To learn more about this year’s event, taking place Oct. 14, click here.


Brian Montalvo has worked in higher education since 2000, and in career services since 2004. He joined the Career Center at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in July 2006 and currently serves as the Senior Director.

Recognized for his outstanding leadership skills, as the Senior Director, Brian oversees the daily delivery of career counseling and career advising services through FAU’s career services office. This includes leading a team of very talented professionals who orchestrate over 30,000 FAU students’ career needs.

Brian is actively committed to the education profession, especially in leading teams developing and implementing programs and platforms to help students build toward successful futures. Active with the National Career Development Association (NCDA), they selected Brian into their Leadership Academy, class of 2013. Additionally, from 2015 – 2017, Brian served on the Board of Directors for the National Career Development Association and as a Trustee for Higher Education Career Counselors and Specialists. In addition to working in career services, Brian has taught in Career Development at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He has published national and international articles and essays and updated a book chapter on multiple career development topics.

Brian regularly presents career indecision, creates powerful partnerships, and innovative career programming at professional conferences and webinars. As the first person in his immediate family to go to college, he feels strongly about all causes that help marginalized populations gain access to quality career information.

Brian earned an Ed.S in Counseling and Human Systems, an M.S. in Counseling and Human Systems with a concentration in Career Counseling and a B.S. in Psychology, all from Florida State University. Brian is a National Certified Counselor and a Certified Career Counselor.


Favorite quote: “He or she who has a why can handle any how.” — Viktor E. Frankl, M.D. (psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, creator of Logotherapy, and author of Man’s Search for Meaning)

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