BrandStar Studios in Deerfield Beach Invests Millions in Technology and Equipment

The upgrade will provide virtual production, augmented reality and mixed reality capabilities in real-time

Already recognized as South Florida’s most extensive production studio, BrandStar Studios recently completed renovations to continue providing the newest, most cutting-edge technologies in the world of production. Among the multi-million upgrades, the 43,000-square-foot studio now features a 13-foot-high, over 100-foot-long LED screen with a 1.9M pixel size allowing for proper 8K resolution and Unreal Engine Software. This advanced real-time 3D creation tool reduces editing and post-production work.

“We can basically put anyone, anywhere, in real-time,” says Mark Alfieri, CEO of BrandStar, a division of BrandStar. “The combination of equipment and technology makes us a true next-generation studio. We are comparable to the most sophisticated movie studios in California.”

BrandStar uses this advanced technology in the production of their own shows, including The Balancing Act and Military Makeover with Montel, airing on Lifetime.

“There’s a reason the technology leverages ‘Unreal,’” Alfieri says. “It allows us to create super high-end productions quickly, utilizing the same in-camera virtual environments that major studios are deploying to film their most technology-intensive programming. We will use this technology to produce music videos, virtual events, high-end commercials, television shows, feature films, basically anything anyone can dream up, we can produce it.”

Other critical aspects of the multi-million-dollar upgrades include:

  • Three motorized 27 ft. x 10 ft. LED ceilings are called the ‘Star Walkers.’ These ceilings are super high resolution, 2.9M pixels. They hover across the studio and flip-down in four different directions to become additional LED walls, offering multiple lighting and VFX (visual effects) capabilities when needed.

  • The ‘Star Walkers’ allow the studio to become a five-wall, fully enclosed LED setup. The total pixel count between the ceilings and walls is more than 30 million, making it a one-of-a-kind system that does not exist in any other studio.

  • Adding Sony VENICE Cameras that allow for the cleanest cinematic productions for virtual environments.

  • A fully equipped control room, housing the latest Grass Valley 4K/8K Switcher, allowing for high-end camera switching for Virtual Productions.


“The response from our clients to the upgrades has been extraordinary,” concludes Alfieri. “We have clients from California booking the studio for their Virtual Productions. We have no doubt these advancements will be an extraordinary step forward for all of Florida’s production capabilities.”

A sample of BrandStar’s expanded studio capabilities can be scene seen here.

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