Driving Tesla Roadster never gets old

Mitch Kramer has a Lotus Evora S, Porsche 911 Black Edition Cabrio, BMW Z4 S Drive 35is and a 1985 Mazda RX7, but says “nothing provides the sheer fun of driving the Tesla Roadster.”

Tesla only makes sedans these days, but its first car was a Roadster launched in 2006 using a frame from the Lotus Elise. Kramer’s car is the Roadster 2.5, which was introduced in July 2010 and has the most torque of the roadster models.

“All the torque hits the wheels immediately and it only has one speed so there is no lag in acceleration like traditional gas powered cars, turbo’s etc.,” Kramer says. “It goes 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and feels much faster than that. I describe it as “never getting old.” Driving the car is just so much fun.”

Power is provided by 1,000 lithium ion batteries, which leave little space in the trunk. The passenger area is pretty tight, too, and somebody much over six feet tall might have a hard time fitting in it.

Kramer is president of Octagon Professional Recruiting, which has offices in Miami’s Blue Lagoon area, One Boca Place and Plantation. He says he often gives demo rides in the Tesla to his clients in IT, finance, accounting and HR.

Kramer says, “It is fun to see the look on their faces when I take them for a spin in it (especially the technology folks).” ?

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