Great, Big Ideas

My guests over the past month brought great ideas and great energy to the show.

First, we had one of the most touching segments we’ve ever done with UHealth. Dr. Tiffany Field is the director of the Touch Research Institute in the Pediatric Department at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine. She studies the impact of the power of touch in healing, and her efforts bring about amazing results.

I personally believe in what she does, because of my own experience using the power of touch to heal my wife. I have noticed that when I rub my wife’s body where her kidneys are located she responds by almost immediately going to the bathroom. This is a true miracle for somebody suffering the effects of total kidney failure. Many thanks to Dr. Field for bringing the power of touch to the attention of all of our listeners.

One of the more unique guests we’ve had on the show, Andrew Morton is an attorney with Handler Thayer, LLP who specializes in working with celebrities and their philanthropies. He noted that a popular misconception is that the celebrities and sports stars create their philanthropy for public relations purposes. In most cases there could be nothing further from the truth, he says.

Andrew makes sure he connects his clients with their contributions and the impact that they are making. He told one story about watching a football player break down into tears when he watched young people working out using the equipment the player had donated.

Andrew also worked with a young man named Dillon who was “adopted” by the Miami Dolphins. He was suffering from cancer and the Dolphins made his final days a little bit easier to take. Dillon’s father called into the show to discuss how people could honor his son’s memory by donating to the Dolphins Cycling Challenge to help beat cancer. Make sure you go to to make your donation.

Richard Berkowitz CEO of Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors was also on the show talking about the Dolphins Cycling Challenge. He is chairman of the event this year and also is working to make sure that the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Care Center achieves a special designation by the National Cancer Institute. His goal is to raise $6 million during this year’s event. We all need to stand with Richard and make sure we contribute to this important cause.

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