How Vitruvia’s Doctors Are Paving the Way for a Different Approach to Pain Management

A unique perspective from Dr. Narendra Kini and Dr. Thomas Michael Best

The world is growing increasingly fast and new diseases, health issues and inevitable wear and tear are coming at our fast growing and moving population at warp speed. Innovations in health tech are being built by the private sector, bypassing the need for expensive and potentially dangerous surgeries. Vitruvia, a Miami Beach clinic at the helm of the expansion of tech servicing interstitial recovery, has helped thousands of athletes and health enthusiasts get back into their optimal body. Their team made up of star-studded healthcare innovators and leaders share more on what you can expect from a visit to the clinic.

Two of the doctors leading this charge are Dr. Narendra Kini (pictured) and Dr. Thomas Michael Best.

Dr. Kini is a board-certified pediatrician, and a nationally acclaimed expert in healthcare innovation. He has been named to Governor Ron DeSantis’ Transition Advisory Committee on Health and Wellness and named by Becker’s Hospital Review as a Physician Leader to Know.

Thomas Best, MD, PHD, joined the University of Miami in Oct. 2016 as Professor of Sports Medicine in the Department of Orthopedics and Research Director of the UHealth Sports Medicine Institute. Prior to this position, his extensive background as a researcher and his many years serving as a team physician for multiple professional sports teams have earned him his validation in all things sports and injury medicine. Dr. Best has a long history of funding (NIH, NSF) to support his research on skeletal muscle injury and repair. Dr. Best’s other research interests include the use of physical therapies for osteoarthritis of the knee, injury screening in high school and college athletes, and regenerative medicine and its application to sports medicine.

The two physicians took questions from SFBW.

What is the experience when a patient walks through Vitruvia’s doors?

  1. BEST: The first thing patients experience is the sense of personalized care and getting to know you and your problem and how it affects their everyday quality of life. Identifying patient goals and needs are first and foremost for Vitruvia. Care is provided in a rather intimate and stress-free environment that focuses exclusively on you, the patient.

Please describe a patient success story from the last year.

  1. KINI: We had a client looking for back pain relief. Like most people, when there’s an ache often you seek out relief on your own. After exhausting massages, acupuncture and pain relievers he booked a consultation at our Sunset Harbor location. Oftentimes, it’s probable that what you thought was the root of your problem is just the tip of the iceberg. Funny enough, when we had the chance to address this particular case, his back had nothing to do with the discomfort he was enduring. It was his hips that were causing his aches. After treating him with our RELIEF approach he felt good as new. It was a win for us as he left the clinic feeling renewed and grateful for our approach.

Who was a memorably inspiring patient?

  1. BEST: Truly no one case deserves this merit. All my patients undergo months of recurring visits to reach optimal levels of success. My most inspiring patient usually comes in with a soul-sucking self-limiting mindset that usually ends with an exuberant amount of joy upon their final visit. Those moments are what make their journey worth it.

Please describe a moment of true collaboration with one of the other doctors or team members.

  1. KINI: Our team is made up of doctors with a diverse set of specializations. My co-worker Dr. Best is notable in the sports medicine industry, and when it comes to injury, he is usually the in-office go-to. It’s a breath of fresh air having a diverse set of talents to pull from especially since we operate on a case-by-case basis.

What is the most misunderstood thing about pain management?

  1. BEST: The most misunderstood thing about pain management is the perception that it is acute. Most pain associated with these conditions is considered chronic. We wish we could resolve these issues overnight, but a lot goes into personalizing the path to a rejuvenated area, which is why I invite those seeking to move away from a life of discomfort to come into the clinic and consult with a professional for a roadmap to recovery.
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