LFB Plasma Acquires ImmunoTek Bio Center in Greenacres to Establish Office in Florida

As part of its mission to establish a reliable and consistent supply of plasma to patients in the U.S., LFB Plasma recently finalized the acquisition of ImmunoTek Bio Center in Greenacres. LFB Plasma uses innovative technologies to provide plasma-derived and recombinant products to patients facing chronic and severe diseases in major therapeutic areas such as hemostasis, immunology, and intensive care.

“We are excited about our expansion into South Florida, and we look forward to a successful transition of the ImmunoTek center in Greenacres,” says Jose Antonio Moreno Toscano (pictured), LFB USA CEO. “We are thankful for the staff who has participated in the build-up of this center and are keeping all 23 employees there, providing each staff member the benefits of being part of our global biopharmaceutical company. Our extended plans include not only additional Florida plasma donation center locations, but expansion of centers into other states. We are particularly happy to be part of community growth and development and hope to make a long-term and sustainable economic impact at the local level. Ultimately, each donation of plasma has the potential to provide lifesaving treatment to those in need and we are forever grateful for each donation.”

LFB Plasma is part of LFB Group, which was formed in 1994 in France has established itself as one of the top European companies involved in developing innovative biotech medicines and treatments with 15 biological products in more than 30 countries.

ImmunoTek Bio Center has been managing its Greenaches center after constructing the facility in 2017. The company is among the fastest-growing independent plasma collection center operators in the United States by being leaders in developing a reliable plasma supply chain for biopharmaceutical companies.

“We are pleased to reach this first milestone in our cooperative partnership with LFB and are looking forward to a strong business alliance that increases access to lifesaving plasma,” says Jerome Parnell III, CEO & president of ImmunoTek.

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