Health Checkpoint offers solution for businesses surviving the pandemic

Businesses looking for healthcare solutions for employees and clients find what they need with Multimedia.Care's Health Checkpoint

If there’s one thing—or rather several things—that business owners are looking for during the pandemic, it’s solutions. Thankfully, as a leader in technology integration with offices in Mexico City and Monterrey, MULTIMEDIA is in the business of solutions. That’s why it recently launched MULTIMEDIA.Care, a Fort Lauderdale-based health platform that brings healthcare solutions to businesses.

The latest solution looks like something out of The Jetsons: the Health Checkpoint. It’s a contact-free, stand-alone station that promotes adherence to the best practices recommended by healthcare professionals, allowing companies of all sizes and businesses across all industries to create safe and reliable environments for customers, employees, internal and external stakeholders, supporting business continuity across customer-facing industries in the wake of the “new normal” of the 2020 global landscape.

Placed at facility entrances (as seen in the rendering above), the Health Checkpoint checks for proper mask wearing, scans for body temperature, dispenses hand sanitizer and sanitizes shoe bottoms.

“The MULTIMEDIA.Care Health Checkpoint was created in response to the need for organizations to provide a safe environment across all industries for employees, customers and communities in the wake of the country-wide re-opening processes amid the COVID-19 era,” commented Federico Bausone, CEO of MULTIMEDIA. “The Health Checkpoint is a one-stop solution that provides an elevated level of comfort in a time of global uncertainty, generating confidence and a strong sense of security that anyone who enters a Checkpoint-installed entity complies with local health regulations.”

Businesses can customize the Health Checkpoint with QR codes that link to the business website, colors, logos and more.

To learn more about the Health Checkpoint, click here.

Keren Moros
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