Rising Tide Car Wash rolls out sanitation measures

Rising Tide Car Wash has redesigned it existing Sanitize and Shine service to include COVID-19 cleaning protocols. The new Interior Disinfecting Service is the same price as their previous service offering but is now enhanced to include fogging the interior with PURTABS, an EPA List N-registered hospital grade interior disinfectant, that kills COVID-19 and eliminates a variety of viruses and bacteria.

A Rising Tide team member disinfects an interior

All customers purchasing an interior wash at both Rising Tide’s Parkland and Margate locations are required to purchase this enhanced disinfectant service for the same $9 price that RisingTide previously charged for their Sanitize & Shine upgrade until further notice.

To thank those on the frontlines, Rising Tide Car Wash is also offering a free exterior car wash—valued at $19—to all healthcare professionals and first responders, upon showing their ID badge, throughout the month of May at both locations.

Rising Tide and its employees, most of whom are individuals with autism, are providing the PURTABS service to give back to the community―to provide the peace of mind of health and safety to their customers.

The service entails:

  1. Applying PURTABS hospital grade disinfectant to all interior surfaces. High-touch areas include the steering wheel, gear shifter, seat belt, push-button start, cup holders, door handles inside and out, key fobs and keys.
  2. PURTABS is then fogged into vehicles (including cargo areas upon request), killing COVID-19 on interior surfaces. The solution circulates for one minute.
  3. Completing standard interior cleaning.
  4. Disinfecting all high-touch surfaces again.

All interior cleaning products are made by EarthSafe, using cutting-edge chemistry that utilizes HOCL instead of bleach or peroxide. This makes them sustainable, biodegradable and completely safe for people, surfaces and the planet.

“At Rising Tide Car Wash, we are adjusting our services for the ‘new normal’ by providing this new disinfectant feature,” said John D’Eri, CEO of Rising Tide Car Wash. “As a social enterprise, we have always been socially responsible. With the current COVID-19 crisis, we are taking our social responsibility to the next level by implementing this service to keep our customers and employees healthy and safe.”

Rising Tide Car Wash has two locations: 7201 N. State Rd 7, Parkland, FL 33067; and 2970 N. State Rd 7, Margate, FL 33063. It is open seven days a week from 8 a.m.–7 p.m. For more information, visit www.risingtidecarwash.com, call (954) 344-1855 or email info@risingtidecarwash.com.

D’Eri, and his son Thomas, COO of Rising Tide Car Wash, co-founded Rising Tide Car Wash to develop a scalable solution to employing individuals with autism. They were inspired to do this by watching John’s son and Thomas’ brother Andrew, a vibrant young man with autism, struggle to find his place in the world. Now with approximately 90 employees, Rising Tide Car Wash is one of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S.

Currently, unemployment among people with autism is approximately 90 percent, and at least 500,000 more individuals with autism will enter the workforce in the next decade. The D’Eris are striving to change the root cause of this unemployment: society views autism as a disability opposed to a diversity.

Rising Tide has been honored with the U.S. Senate Small Business of the Week designation; The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), Blind Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation’s Florida Exceptional Employers designation; Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award, Community Service Leadership Award from the International Carwash Association, Employer of the Year by the Autism Society, Small Business of the Year by South Florida Business Connection and the Autism Society’s Adam Heavner Memorial Award for Employer of the Year, TEDxCoconutGrove’s Hope Prize.








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