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The Erectile Dysfunction - Diabetes Prevention Connection

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Erectile changes are considered a “canary in the cave” because ED is a potential indicator of Type II diabetes in men between 40-55 years of age. Studies show, in fact, that men with Type II diabetes typically experience age-related ED 10-15 years earlier than non-diabetics. Worse still, by the age of 70, an overwhelming 95% of men with Type II diabetes can expect to experience ED. Sadly, men who suffer from diabetes are up to three times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Whilst 50% of men will experience some form of ED in their lifetime, this statistic jumps to 75% amongst diabetic males. If you’re feeling less superhero, and more super tired, diabetes might be the cause.

Though ED can be caused by a myriad of factors, age plays a major factor, often made worse by hormonal changes associated with andropause (the ‘male menopause’) &/or falling testosterone levels. Diabetes appears to skew the impact of age-related ED significantly.

Stunningly, around half of all men with Type II diabetes will develop ED within 5-10 years of their initial diagnosis, with the risk of impotence significantly raised if they also suffer from heart disease. The nerve & circulatory damage sustained by diabetes not only causes ED, but also places men at far greater risk of a range of comorbid conditions such as obesity, heart disease, or high blood pressure, all of which also can detrimentally affect sexual performance & function.

Erections depend upon the function of your microvascular and capillary system. You may look and even feel healthy on the outside, but inside your microvascular system, a completely different situation could be developing. When your microvasculature is compromised due to developing diabetes or prediabetes, organ starvation occurs. Organ starvation is when the capillaries begin to lose their function, vital organs don’t receive the nutrients needed to be healthy and the silent spiral of health decline begins. Often one of the first signs of microvascular disease is a change in erections quality.

The great news is that an estimated 90% of cases of prediabetes and Type II diabetes are preventable via effective lifestyle management, with many Type II diabetics experiencing a minimization or complete remission of symptoms (including ED) after reversing poor lifestyle choices. The Studio Team are experts in the fields of performance & sexual wellness. We are ready & waiting to use our extensive medical expertise & clinically developed therapies & treatments to not only get to the root of your ED but to successfully reverse it, also tackling your symptoms of diabetes and prediabetes to restore you once again to optimized health & wellness.

Many men do not seek treatment for ED, feeling too isolated, embarrassed, or ashamed to reach out for help. Our message to you is this: you absolutely deserve the restoration of a fulfilling, satisfying sex life, & a return to optimized health & wellness. Regardless of the cause of your ED – diabetes, or another underlying dysfunction – we will diagnose & treat it effectively. Let us help you restore & rejuvenate your sexual performance, confidence & happiness, tailor an effective lifestyle management program for you, and guide you in the optimization of your exercise, nutrition & lifestyle to super-charge every part of your life!

Diabetes Type II and the associated ED is both preventable and reversible.

My team and I help men optimize function, achieve wellness, and prevent and reverse disease. We apply technology and advanced wellness intervention to get fast and long-lasting benefits affecting every aspect of your life. Not only will you regain control of your health, but you will confidently move into the future performing better, and knowledgeable about how to live in your full power.

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