TD Bank: Florida Couples Talk More, Trust More—and Fight More—About Money Than Other Couples

…And other findings from TD’s Love and Money survey

When it comes to financial communication, Florida couples appear to talk about money more often than other couples, but at a cost, according to TD Bank’s latest Love and Money survey. TD Bank just released its seventh annual Love and Money survey, which uncovers new insights into how American couples are approaching finances in the year ahead. Here’s how Florida couples stack up against couples in other parts of the country:

  • Compared to the national average, Florida couples are more likely to talk about money on a daily basis.
  • Compared to the national average, Florida couples disagree more often on what qualifies as an essential expense.
  • Florida couples, more than other couples, heavily weigh partner income.
  • Compared to couples in Boston and New York, Florida couples are more trusting of their partner’s financial advice.
Drew Limsky
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