When Boardroom Stress Affects Bedroom Performance

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As a successful executive, you know that life can get pressured, fulfilling, and challenging – yet never dull. We all know that diligent work truly pays off – from late nights in the office to the highs of landing a new major client. You know that sometimes you need to work hard and play hard, letting off some steam, hosting client dinners, and facilitating lively team meetings. It’s an amazing life and one that you’ve built purely off the back of your relentless work and executive talent.

Yet it can come at a price. Executive stress might fire up your performance at work, but it can also power down your performance in the bedroom.

Here’s why.

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Stress can cause hormonal issues & hit your immune system significantly, with sexual performance often being the first side-effect. In fact, stress is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction that affects around 30 million American men and 100 million men worldwide.

But why can the relationship between the pressure at work and performance in the bedroom be so powerfully linked?

One major reason for this connection lies within the hormonal powerhouse of the body – the HPA (Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenocortical) Axis. To keep your body healthy & balanced, your HPA Axis constantly oversees the secretion of every adrenal hormone you need, when you need it. It’ll flood your body with testosterone during, say, a major session in the weights room, or excrete cortisol, a stress hormone if you are caught in a riptide and you need to think and act fast to swim your way out of it. HPA ultimately maintains the production of all steroids that you need for peak performance in your personal and professional life to occur, with testosterone – the heaviest hitter when it comes to winning in the boardroom and the bedroom – supercharged to the highest levels possible when you most need it, enabling greater strength, virility, focus & all-round performance.

Sounds great so far, right?

Not always. When the demands of a high-flying career begin to dominate your life and you become more and more stressed, the HPA Axis can be the first to suffer. And when it does, forget that great laser-sharp focus at work, or that incredible, powered-up sex life. As hormones get out of whack because of a dysfunctional HPA, your ability to perform at work & in your intimate life can become severely compromised, too.

An Early Warning System

Here’s an amazing fact. Your penis can act as an early warning system for heart disease. In fact, many studies confirm this phenomenon to be true, largely because when the HPA Axis is affected, it can rapidly undermine the performance of the cardiovascular system, meaning it becomes less able to rapidly provide blood to the different muscles and organs of the body when they need it.

A perfect example? The penis – which depends completely on being able to become rapidly engorged with blood directly after the brain has received sexual stimuli. If the cardiovascular system has become compromised, an erection can be the first observable casualty. That’s why we always recommend getting help for your erectile issues as soon as you notice issues – to rule out more serious issues such as heart disease.


The Pressure to Perform

A high-powered, uber-stressful career can lead to amazing financial rewards but, oftentimes, health-related penalties. A dysfunctional HPA Axis, for example, over-stimulated by long-term stress, can over-secrete cortisol (a stress hormone) and norepinephrine (which increases heart rate and blood pumping from the heart), and under-secrete testosterone (a powerful anabolic steroid and sex hormone).

Numerous studies tell us that compromised testosterone levels can majorly impact sexual performance, whilst chronically high levels of norepinephrine can lead to erectile dysfunction (norepinephrine enables contractility of the penis during the erectile process). Excessive cortisol can down-regulate testosterone, is widely noted as a contributor to erectile dysfunction, and can even lead to burnout, depression, and a lower sperm count. The end result? A stressful career that could ultimately steal the joy from your intimate relationships.


A Great Return on Investment

At Doctors Studio, we believe that investing in your health is as crucial as investing in your business, so that you can get back to doing what you do best – running a successful business, without any fear that boardroom pressures will get in the way of bedroom pleasures. Contact us if you’d like to find out more-we’re here to help!

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