Apogee Awards Honorees: Michael Fichtel

Meet Michael Fichtel of Kelley Kronenberg, an honoree in the Law (Broward/Palm Beach) category at the 2020 Apogee Awards

Michael Fichtel is a Principle Partner and CEO of Kelley Kronenberg. Michael joined Kelley Kronenberg upon admission to the Bar in 1987. In 2010 Michael was selected to serve as CEO. Michael has led the firm to its current position today of 175 attorneys and more than 35 different practice areas.


Fun fact: I love to shop!

What is your favorite South Florida dining destination? Mr. Chow at the W Hotel.

What do you like to do on weekends? Spend time with my wife, kids and friends at a nice brunch, lunch or dinner.

How do you unwind from a long day at work? A nice homemade dinner and a Netflix movie

What is your favorite quote? If I am the smartest guy in the room, I am in the wrong room.

From whom, or what, do you draw inspiration? People I respect, and people who lead by example

What has been the biggest accomplishment of your career? The success of our law firm.

What has been the most challenging moment in your career and how did you overcome it? 2003, when the Legislator made a change to the area of practice that was my specialty as well as the firm’s primary practice area. I learned to diversify and to never keep all your eggs in one basket.

What advice would you give an up and coming professional? Your word and your reputation is all you really have.

SFBW Staff
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